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Electrical safety

Electrical safety



Electrical safety for your business or home.

In this day and age, we can’t live without electricity. Electricity is what allows us to cook a great meal,  watch sports  on a weekend, charge our  smartphone  batteries and allow us to take long hot baths on a cold night.  Electricity has made life so much easier and we get things done much faster and efficiently with the help of electricity.

In South Africa,  load-shedding  almost brings all businesses to a stop because most businesses can not function without electricity. Everybody loves having electricity and most people in South Africa get very upset when there is none.


So, basically, how does electricity work?


A flow of electric charge by  electrons is the basis of  electricity.  The flow is in the form of electrons moving through conductive materials like copper wire. Static electricity occurs when electrical charges are not flowing.  Electricity charges can be  positively charged or negatively charged.



Electrical Shock How Electricity Work



By having the luxury of electricity at your home, but electrical safety should be a priority.


Never overload your plugs

Use a  quality power strip  to avoid multiple devices plugged into your outlets which could cause fires in your home due to overloading.


Avoid wet areas

We can’t live without water in our lives but electricity sure can. Water is very conductive and can kill people when it is mixed with electricity. So, never use electricity in bathrooms or near an area where water can be exposed to electricity. Electrical safety is Electricians-SA’s number one priority.


Never use any broken or damaged power cords

A little flame can cause a house being on fire. Prevent the use of damaged electrical cords to prevent fires at your property. When an electrical cable is being used, you might accidentally touch the exposed area or even worse a child can, and this can lead to serious injury or even death. Always be safe and use electrical equipment or appliances with cords that are in excellent condition.


Avoid electrical DIY

Call an electrician to do electrical repairs for you instead.  Electricians  are well-trained professionals who work with electricity directly every day. We take electrical safety very seriously and would definitely take the risk of electrical shock or electrical damages to you or your home into our hands for you.

One mistake could be your last. Leave it to the professionals and be ensured your electrical system will function properly.

Call  Electricians-SA  for assistance with any electrical problem you might have and we’ll send our experts to repair all your electrical faults.