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Electrical CoC required by law


Your home and business needs electrical certifications. Electrical installations of a house are usually not tested by the home inspector. A licensed electrician is needed to inspect a business or a house if it is compliant. An electrician can also issue a  electrical  certificate of compliance (electrical CoC).  That is to say, when everything is in working condition and safe. A CoC is a certificate required by the law of South Africa. This certificate is issued when property is sold or electrical installations were performed.

The Occupational safety act 85 of 1993 requires that all residential electrical installations must be installed by a registered electrician. The law requires the owner of the property to posses a certificate of compliance for any wiring or electrical installations to the property.


Property owners should request CoC from qualified electricians at Electricians-SA


If you own property, it is a responsibility to own a certificate of compliance for your property. Because of safety and legal implications, Electricians-SA offers registered electricians for property owners in need of a certificate of electrical CoC.

Problematic electrical installations can be very dangerous and can cause a house to burn down or people can be harmed in such an event.

Contact  Electricians-SA today and we’ll gladly assist you with your electrical CoC. 

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