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Tripping lights

Electricians-SA   successfully did tripping lights repairs and tripping lights installations for more than 20 years in Gauteng. Our skilled electricians installed and repaired faulty lights on farms, hospitals, factories, houses and business offices all around Gauteng. 

Tripping Lights Faulty Lights Repairs Electricians-SA

The most common causes for tripping lights include:

Faulty lights due to water leakage

Indoor lighting can trip because of water in the roof or any other area which came into direct contact with electrical sockets or wiring that may not be sealed properly. Outdoor lighting can have the same effect due to rainwater making direct contact with broken wires or with the light sockets.

Faulty circuit breaker

Circuit breakers could trip your lights because of many many reasons. It is advisable to contact one of our qualified electricians to conduct an electrical inspection at your property.
Most common causes for lights tripping due to a circuit breaker includes:
When  high wattage lamps  are used in the light sockets, it can generate heat and the electrical wiring can burn or get damaged.

To make sure that you’re indeed having tripping electricity due to lights, our electricians rule out tripping due to circuit breakers, electrical geyser tripping and other common electrical tripping causes. Do inspect a electrical tripping problem yourself, you can switch off all circuit breakers and flick them on one by one to find the root of the electrical tripping problem.

Tripping Earth leakage, what can you do?

If you experience an earth leakage tripping, it is advisable to inspect your DB Board to see which device is tripping your electricity. For tripping lights problems, you can narrow down the problem by turning off all light switches on your DB board and test if the power works.Also, remember, never to force your earth leakage back on. When your earth leakage trips, it’s a common practice to keep pulling the switch back on in hopes that it might work. Never do this. 

Your Earth leakage switch has a coil on the inside. When you continuously try to switch it on and the electricity trips, it can heat up the coil and damage your earth leakage protection for when you really require it. 

Electrical shorts

When a life cable is in contact with  neutral  or an earth cable, it creates an electrical short. Because electrical equipment gets older, electrical fittings can become loose. You might accidentally damage a wire when punching nails into walls or rats can chew and damage electrical wires at your property.

There are many reasons for electrical shorts to occur to cause tripping lights, therefore it is best to contact a registered electrician for inspection and repairs.

What to do when experiencing tripping lights

In any scenario, you encounter faulty or tripping lights, be sure to switch off all your lights including your main power. This is especially helpful when there is a water leak and therefore it can reduce damages to other electrical equipment in your home including fires.

Garden lights and electrical tripping problems

Garden lights looks great around a home but garden light can also have many electrical tripping problems. Garden lights usually uses isolated cables to transfer the electricity to every light in your garden.

Screwits for your garden ligts system

Our electricians also uses screwits for your garden light electricity system. Screwits, which you also use with light fittings inside your home. Screwits are a ceramic device which is small and has a hole which has screwing threads. The live wire from the light fitting and the live wire from your home’s electricity system are then installed together. You remove all insulation and when the the live wires are connected together, you turn on the screwit on these two cables to hold them firmly in place.  This method is to prevent weak wire connections. Afterwards, to make sure everything is protected, insulation is used to protect the wire connection made. This is to ensure against electrical shorts. 

How does garden light wiring work?

Four-way boxes are mostly used for electronic connections for garden lights. Connected to the four-way boxes are 13 mm PVC pipes. All the wiring are fitted neatly into the conduit pipes. Inside the four-way box, the connections of the electrical wiring are made. After the proper connections are in place, silicon sealant is used applied inside the electrical four-way box to prevent damp on water making content with the electrical components inside.

Any water coming into direct contact with any electrical connection is a potentially dangerous situation where people can get hurt or even death can occur. Our licensed electricians always look for the small details to prevent large electrical faults or injuries. Also, our electricians are updated to comply with all the latest electrical standards for electrical work done. As electrical standards and safety regulations change, so does our electricians adapt with the electrical standards. 

Safety is the greatest concern with electricity because people can be killed or seriously injured with electricity. 

Twin and Earth wiring

Twin and earth is copper wires which also consist of a third earth wire. One wire is your live wire while the other is a neutral wire. When the neutral wire and the live wire want to make a short, the short is done by the earth cable which would immediately prevent any further damage by tripping the power.  

So twin and earth wires are copper wires. But, if the copper cables has reached high temperatures, the wires aren’t any good for further use anymore. The copper wires builds up electrical resistance. Electrical resistance for the flow of electrons inside a circuit can cause a rise of high temperatures in your wiring. It is a best practice to rewire and replace cables which was too hot and carries electrical resistance. Because, the more heat a wire receives, the more resistance build up is created, Therefore, can lead to fires or more serious electrical faults in your garden lights electrical system. 

All weather box repairs

If you experience problems with your all weather box, contact our qualified electricians today to do all the all weather box repairs for you. 

What is an all weather box?

Many homes have a small electrical box on the outside against the wall. Many times, a gardener plugs extension cords into this electrical box which have an electrical plug socket. This is what an all weather box are mainly used for.

All weather boxes consist of a compression gland. A compression gland has a hole where it can be fitted into the all weather box or on the DB board. The compression gland has rubber seals to help protect it against water. It also prevents the flow of air and wind, therefore, prevents humidity buildup inside the conduit. This is to prevent electrical accidents from happening.

Two types of compression glands.

Plastic all compression glands and metal compression glands. A metal compression gland is larger in size than it’s plastic counterpart therefore, it is usually used with armored cabling. 

Day and night switch and tripping repairs

Day and night switch repairs by qualified electricians from Electricians SA. Call us today for any tripping switches or day and night tripping problems. 

Day and night switches automatically switches garden lights on or off depending on the amount of darkness detected. It can also be used to sanctimoniously switch on all your security lighting around your home. A day and night switch  has a sensor which would prevent the light from being switched on during day time. But, as soon as it gets dark outside, the sensor detects the condition and automatically switches on the lights. 

Tripping of lights due to day and night switches are a common problem. Many electrical DIY installations or electricians who are not fully qualified for such installations  can cause tripping lights or electrical problems. All faulty electrical installations may cause major electrical problems and power and tripping lights. 

Unfortunately, there are many electricians that cut corners with electrical repair jobs. They may avoid small electrical details such as adding silicon sealant and other electrical techniques to prevent electrical problems. Some electricians in the industry would at times  save money bu cutting corners at the cost of another persons life. 

Contact our trusted and licensed electricians today to be ensured that your lights, garden lights, security lights and day and night switches are properly installed and configured. If you face any faulty electrical problems with your wires, switches, tripping lights, don’t hesitate to call our electricians. 

Complying with an electrical CoC, you would need to have all the necessary electrical repairs and installations done which would comply with all the electrical standards. Having a Certificate of Compliance, is great for your home but also it ensures that your security system is in a safe condition.

Pool lighting repairs and installer

Pool lighting adds a luxurious and calm atmosphere in your pool. Pool lighting also makes your pool stand out more especially when you get visitors at your home. 

Electricians-SA provides excellent choices for the best pool lighting installations to suit your pool lighting requirements. 

Our electricians may also offer you pool lighting repair services to your current pool lighting system. An inspection will be conducted and our electricians will provide you with professional pool lighting repairs in Johannesburg or Pretoria.

Contact our qualified electricians for faulty lights

Faulty lights or tripping lights can be a sign of a bigger problem or it can be something simple. No matter how big or small the tripping light problem might be, we advice to never work with electricity directly. Call our 24 7 electricians to do all your tripping and faulty light repairs for you.

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