Preventative electrical maintenance

Electrical Preventative Maintenance Electrician Johannesburg

Extend your assets life cycles


Electricians-SA minimizes electrical problems with our Preventative electrical  maintenance  services. If your electrical equipment is poorly maintained, it can lead to wear and tear and will shorten the life cycle of your electrical equipment of your business or home. Deterioration of electrical equipment can take place when there is overloading of your systems or excessive use. As a result, profits can be lost, production shutdown may occur if the equipment fails.


Preventing electrical problems


We provide well trained and experienced electricians to inspect all these electrical problems for your home or business. Using one of our electricians with our preventative electrical maintenance programs, we can reduce your risk of electrical failures by 60 percent.

While we inspect your electrical system, we inspect equipment that may pose risks or are non-compliant. Our electrician will follow up with a report on your electrical system. The electrician also provides records of testing and to work towards a solution for your business or home’s electrical problems. Call us today for any preventative electrical maintenance solutions.


The inspection by the electrician for preventative maintenance may include:

  • Breaker panel inspection
  • Lighting panel inspection
  • Circuit inspection
  • Power distribution labeling
  • Control panel inspection
  • Inspection of overload protection
  • Power distribution inspection

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