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Electricians-SA  provides all areas of Gauteng with  electrical repair  and  electrical installation services  for decades. With us, you can expect professional and reliable services. Our friendly and experienced team of technicians will ensure that all our clients are satisfied.  Electricians-SA ensures that our electricians will assist you in getting your electrical problems repaired the first time.


We do it all! Residential, Commercial and industrial electrical services


Residential electricians

Electricians-SA has worked in every type of residence Gauteng has to offer. We do all our work professionally with the same approach we do our work in high-end luxury buildings. Our customers appreciate that we are open all hours, therefore, when they need an electrician, we’re always ready to assist.  


Commercial electricians

We specialize in  commercial electrical  services and projects. Over the years, we successfully completed various amounts of jobs commercially. Always keeping our work area neat, we respect your property.



Electrical technicians will troubleshoot and find the root of your electrical problems and then fix it promptly. This is what we enjoy doing most. We have some of the best electricians in South Africa working in our team. We can ensure our clients that they are in good hands. Safety is very important to us, therefore, we will make sure the problem is fixed and will not occur again at your property.

We provide well equipped electricians


Electricity is a great requirement that is at times much under-appreciated. Without electricity, everything comes to a stop. You can’t use your electrical phone, charge your cellphone, watch sports on the television, keep food products cold in the fridge or cook food using an electric oven. Electricians-SA provides expert advice, maintenance, repairs and installation services to ensure your electrical services functions correctly. We don’t work harder but smarter. Our electricians use the latest technologies to quickly find electrical faults and repair them promptly. 

Electricians SA Domestic And Commercial Electrical Services

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