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Plumbing Inspections

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Can anyone perform a plumbing inspection?

Put simply, “No.” Don’t allow anyone else besides a professional plumber and a licensed plumbing company to perform your plumbing inspections. Our registered plumbers have the expertise, tools, and experience to perform a comprehensive inspection and provide you with advice on fixing any problems for a good price. We have been licensed for over 20 years and can produce the correct PIRB certifications.
Professional Plumbers for Plumbing Inspections.
Plumbing Inspections are comprehensive investigations into your plumbing system. We provide these for Commercial and Residential Properties.

A comprehensive plumbing inspection report may not cross most people’s minds. Protecting your home from wear and tear on your roofs, gutters, paint, windows, doors etc. may seem obvious to most and can help you catch small problems before they become big ones. But a plumbing inspection is less obvious to home owners and businesses.

Inspecting and trouble shooting your plumbing will save you money and the potential inconvenience if something goes wrong.

We cover all aspects of the Plumbing System - We inspect, quote and repair!

What does a plumbing inspection consist of?

In a professional plumbing inspection, the inspector will examine all potential problem areas and make suggestions to fix or keep up to standard the following fixtures and systems:
  • Indoor and outdoor plumbing pipes
  • Water supply lines and sewage lines
  • Exterior taps (hose bibs) and laundry room taps
  • Sinks and bathtubs
  • Taps, mixers and showers
  • Toilets
  • Water heaters (geysers)
We inspect all points where water flows through your home. Our plumbers will inspect all sinks, toilets, water pipes and water lines. We will inspect for leaks, damaged fittings, and any other potential plumbing problems. We inspect all outdoor plumbing fixtures. Our plumbers will inspect all outdoor taps and fittings to ensure proper operation and protection from freezing. We inspect the main sewer line and check the sewer cleanouts. Sewer cleanouts and the cleanout caps typically go unnoticed until there is a problem. Our plumbers examine these beforehand to make sure the sewers don’t clog up or overflow. We inspect your geyser/s. Our plumbers will perform a comprehensive inspection of your electric geyser or solar geyser. We inspect the connections, pressure control valves, and all other fittings for the geyser.

Why do I need a plumbing inspection?

If you are buying or selling a home, or want to protect your property from plumbing emergencies then a complete plumbing inspection is very important.

The general home inspection conducted when you buy a home only accounts for three of the 7 above mentioned areas: checking that the drains empty correctly, the toilets flush and the taps work.

Our qualified plumbers offer residential and industrial inspections on site.

Having your plumbing systems inspected prevents damage that may prove to be quite severe and expensive. Even a small leak or clogged drain may be hard to trace and difficult to repair.

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What types of plumbing inspections are there?

Quick answer: Visual inspection and Camera inspection.

  1. A visual plumbing inspection is the most common type of inspection.
    Our registered plumbers conduct a visual inspection of all water and sewer fittings and check for leaks or signs of leakage. In addition, they’ll check that all your drains and drainage systems are working and that your geyser/s are properly connected and in good working order.
  2. A camera plumbing inspection allows our plumbers to inspect the inside of your water pipes and sewerage lines – otherwise known as pipeline inspections. It’s a comprehensive way to inspect your plumbing system. Our experienced plumbers make use of a compact high-resolution camera to help identify any issues not visible by simply doing a visual inspection.
    A camera plumbing inspection can often detect future drain blockages.
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How often should you have your plumbing system inspected?

We suggest doing a plumbing inspection every two years. For old buildings and homes we suggest checking the plumbing more often than that. If your home is older than 40 years of age we suggest annual plumbing inspections.

To prevent major plumbing problems in the future, it's best to schedule regular inspections. This will help to identify hidden damage in your water pipes. If any damage is found, it can be fixed quickly.

Service pipes maintenance is your responsibility

Service Pipelines are Private Property

Most home owners and property owners are unaware that they own the service pipes. These private service lines or laterals are essentially the pipes that bring water into their homes and carry the wastewater away.

If the service pipelines become blocked, start leaking or break, it becomes the property owner’s responsibility to contact a plumber and pay for the repairs.

Image and info courtesy of DSRSD

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